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                                                                                                 The Nancy C. Walker Award.


Nancy C. Walker was Director of School Library Media Programs in Montgomery County during the latter nineteen-sixties and seventies. A particularly distinguished leader in a line of outstanding directors, she brought the Library Media Program of Montgomery County Schools to national prominence at that time.


The award which bears her name was established by MCEMSA in 1985 to highlight the crucial role performed by administrative leaders in supporting local media centers.  Without a strong cooperative relationship with its school principal, no Library Media Center can be fully effective over time.

The Walker Award honors those Principals who make Library Media skills a priority in their schools. There is no formula for winning the award, because the actions a principal takes to foster a successful LMC will be unique by definition. Creativity and leadership are the sole requirements.


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Dr. Kimberly Williams (Cascio)- Stone Mill Elementary School, Anita Blank


Carl Bencal, Clarksburg Elementary School, Daria Taylor

Jennifer Baker, Regina Rodriguez and Jeff Leaman, Walter Johnson High School, Naomi Gelfand



Sean McGee, Wilson Wims Elementary School, Irene Allaire


Cabell Lloyd, Meadow Hall Elementary School, Amy Soldavini  


Renay Johnson & Suzanne Harvey, Montgomery Blair High School, Andrea Lamphier


Alison Serino, Westland Middle School, Sarah Salnick


Kimberly Kimber, Burtonsville Elementary School, Trish Warnock-Safford


Deborah Higdon, Lakelands Middle School, Rui-Hung Tsai

Fora complete list of Nancy C.Walker Awards Recipients, click here.

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