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Why should you join the Montgomery County Educational

Media Specialists Association?


  • We advocate for you, students, & SLMP.

  • We foster collaboration & creativity.

  • We cultivate new friendships.

  • We form professional learning communities.

  • We promote best practices for teaching & learning.

  • We develop leadership skills.

  • We keep you updated with what’s trending in the profession.

  • We help fulfill professional standards & flex hours.

  • We mentor new members & discount banquet meals.

  • We host fun events throughout the year.


If you have questions regarding membership, please contact, Irene Allaire, MCEMSA Membership Chair,  at Wims Elementary School.





How to Join

1.  Log in through the MCPS G-Suite account to access the online  membership application.  

2.  Send check,  payable to MCEMSA, to  Irene Allaire  (her address is included  at the end of the online application).

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