Constitution and Bylaws

MCEMSA - Constitution and By-Laws – Revision



The name of this organization shall be the Montgomery County Educational Media Specialists Association

(hereafter MCEMSA).



MCEMSA is a group of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) library media specialists that advocates for its constituents; provides professional development events that promote national innovations in school library research and technology; and collaborates with all of its stakeholders.



Section 1. All part and full-time professionals working in the media field employed by the Board of Education of Montgomery County and retired part-time or full-time professionals shall be eligible for membership. All such professionals will become MCEMSA members upon payment of dues. 


Section 2. Associate memberships shall be available to media assistants, students entering the profession, and other interested parties who wish to be supportive of MCEMSA and its mission and are sponsored by an active MCEMSA member. Associate members will not have voting privileges, nor can they hold office within the organization.



Section 1. The officers shall be a president or co-presidents; a president-elect or co- presidentelects; a secretary; and a treasurer.


Section 2. The Board shall consist of the officers; the past president(s); and other members of the organization – at least three members at the elementary school, one at the middle school, and one at the high school level. If a MCEMSA member is currently serving on the MASL Board, he/she may also serve as the MASL Liaison representative on the MCEMSA Board.

Section 3. The Board shall establish committees or assign responsibilities as needed, including but not limited to Membership, Programming, Communications.


Section 4. In the spring of the school year, a nominating committee shall be appointed by the officers to compile a list of nominees. Elections will be held in the spring, and elected officers will be announced at the spring banquet. Their terms begin in June of that same year. A president elect shall chair the nominating committee, but in the absence of a president elect, the president shall appoint the chair of the nominating committee.


Section 5. The Officer terms shall be as follows:

President – one year

President-elect – one year

Secretary – two years

Treasurer – two years

Past president – one year.


Section 6. If an officer position is vacated before the end of the given term, the Board will determine a replacement.



Section 1. There will be at least two Board meetings during the fiscal year. The dates of the meetings

shall be approved by the Board.

Section 2. The Board will plan programs to support the mission statement throughout the year.



This Constitution or its By-Laws may be amended by electronic vote or at any MCEMSA event by two-thirds majority of the members who cast a vote. Notice of the proposed amendment must be given to the members by the Board at least one week prior to the voting date.




Section 1. The amount of the annual dues shall be determined by the Board at the last Board meeting of the year in June. Dues are payable starting in August of the school year.


Section 2. A fee may be collected to cover the cost of a specific event or program according to need.



Section 1. The duties of the officers shall be such as prescribed in the MCEMSA Officer Position

Descriptions document which will be reviewed and updated annually by the Board and attached


Attachment: MCEMSA Officer Position Descriptions

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