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Elected Officer Descriptions


President (1 year term, 3 year commitment)

• Advocates on behalf of the organization, in collaboration with the Officers and Governing Board, on issues and policies related to the association’s mission and the school library media profession

• Presides at general meetings of the association and at Governing Board meetings unless responsibility has been delegated to another member

• Disseminates information and decisions made by MCEMSA to members and other concerned parties


President-Elect (1 year term, 3 year commitment)

• Succeeds to the presidency upon completion of the president's term

• Chairs the Nominating Committee

• Coordinates professional development and networking event programming


Past President (1 year term, 3 year commitment)

• Accepts delegated duties to assist the president


Secretary (2 year term)

• Takes notes at all meetings (both Executive Board and regular), including action

minutes and decision items

• E-mails the minutes to the Executive Board in a timely fashion


Treasurer (2 year term)

• Prepares a working budget

• Deposits funds and pays bills

• Prepares a monthly treasurer's report

• Balances the checkbook and resolves any financial issues


MCEMSA Revised December 2009

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