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President's Message

Welcome back to Fall, 2021,

Feeling relieved that our last year is done,

Hoping our programs will seem like before

That COVID Crazy knocked on our door!


Yes, masks continue and washing up, too,

And what is in store, well, we haven’t a clue,

But circulation with each smiling face-

The Media Center again will be a bustling place.


So a warm welcome to our newest members,

We support you on your journey’s adventures,

Please lean on us throughout your year,

Our willingness to help you is very sincere.


As our Fall Membership Campaign begins again,

Yes, $20 for the year - just a check and a pen,

Expect networking, classes, authors and fun,

Come, belong to a group that’s second to none!


Terri Perper

MCEMSA President


(Just a reminder - if this is your free year from last year’s Fall Campaign Promotion then you will not need to pay.)

Join us on Facebook: or Twitter: @mcemsaonline 


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